Shayne Carter, choreographer, performer, co-founder of Salseros Unidos,
and owner of Organic Rhythms Dance Studio, is a life-long lover of dance.  
Growing up in Evansville, IN, singing/dancing to Gospel, R&B, Blues, Jazz,
Hip Hop, and Pop have always been a major part of her family's traditions.  
With these roots, it was a natural step for her to start out as a self-taught hip
hop dancer.  Through several different school programs and groups, she
was later exposed to other dances such as:  tap, ballet, and country square
dancing.  It was this diverse dance background, along with
african/afro-cuban influences that allowed her to develop the unique salsa
style she is known for.

Shayne first fell for Latin dancing after stumbling upon a ballroom
competition on PBS.  Unfortunately, her hometown had no outlet for this
type of dance.  But, the opportunity arose after attending a Latin party at
The Madame Walker Theatre in 2002.  It was here, where Shayne met a
very soulful, salsa instructor whom she took lessons from, and the rest is

Shayne has been a well-known fixture in the Indy salsa scene for over
seven years.  In that time, she has performed and taught at many local
venues/events such as: Fiesta 2005 & 2007, The Conner Prairie
International Festival in 2006 & 2007, The Annual Big Ballroom Bash held
at the Murat Theatre in 2005 & 2006, with People, Paint & Percussion, and
more.   She has also performed at the 2007 Chicago Salsa Congress,
taught/performed at the Columbus Salsa Fest and Cincinatti Salsa Congress,
and is currently a member of the Afro-Cuban dance troupe, Sancocho.