Pre-Halloween Mascarade at Talbott Street Night Club 10-27-07
Normally, I would go to one of the Saturday, salsa Halloween parties.  But, I wanted to do something different this year, especially since there would be an opportunity for me to party with salsa buddies on Halloween. 

Now what would be fun a different?  Eureka!  Who knows more about dressing up than anyone?  Drag Queens!  So I decided to go to the Sat., Pre-Halloween party at Talbott Street Night Club.

Let me start by saying that this place resonates so much energy, you can feel it before  you step through the door.  The clubs colorful, sleek decor matched the lively, eccentric personalities of its patrons.  The people made me feel welcomed, and I received tons of compliments on my peacock costume.  One of the entertainers liked it so much, she bought it from me right on the spot.  Also, the cover (which includes admittance to the drag shows)  and the drink prices were very reasonable.

Later that evening, I attended the 1:00 am show where we were thoroughly entertained by:  The energetic, dynamic Miss Alana Steele, the sassy Miss Mercedes, and Indiana's Largest Living Indoor Attraction,  Miss Asia Labouche.  Keeping it moving with all of her attitude was the shows' MC:  the fiery, looks like a lady but talks like a sailor, Miss Vicki St. James.  All proving "That there is no excuse for an ugly woman."

This very entertaining, fun-filled night gets a 4 out of 5.  I wish I would've gone  to their official Halloween party the following Wed.  I'm sure there were some extremely fabulous costumes.  For more info on Talbott Street, go to:

One last tip:  Don't leave your drink unattended for a second.  Even if it's full, it will be pitched. 

I hope you enjoy the video and the pics.  Thanks for reading.

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